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Brently Mallard Essays

Brently Mallard Essays Brently Mallard Paper Brently Mallard Paper â€Å"The Story of an Hour† written by Kate Chopin, is a short story about a woman named Louise Mallard and her reaction to the news that her husband has died. This news is brought to Mrs. Mallard from her sister, Josephine. Mrs. Mallard does not know how to react at first, and decides to have some time alone in her room. Inside the room, she feels lots of emotions such as sadness, happiness, that come together and ultimately she smiles. However, because of so much excitement, she could feel her heart pumping so fast that at the end of the story when Mr. Mallard enters the house, she dies because of a heart attack according to the doctor. Chopin successfully describes her actions and emotions with very vivid descriptions throughout the entire story. The sad, relief, happy emotions that Mrs. Mallard felt were thanks to his husband death, because his death meant finding independence from him. His role as a character is very significant for this story to continue; and thus I would like furthermore focus on his role and function in this short story. Even though he does not appear until the end, Mr. Mallard plays a very important role in this short story. The reason for all the chaos and all Mrs. Mallard’s emotions is because of the news that her husband is presumed dead. His ‘death’ was the primary source of the development of this story. Moreover, Mr. Mallard represents a middle social class in the 19th century. His family and he himself were definitely not working class, and this is suggested in the story through the expensive objects in the house. They had lots of windows, chairs with cushions, and a door that could be opened with a latchkey, and could even afford to call doctors. He could afford everything a married couple needed, but why would someone who had him as a husband feel so free after hearing the news of his death? Mrs. Mallard needed and wanted some freedom in her life. She was tired of pretending to be a woman who devotes herself to her husband, she wanted a life of her own; do whatever she felt like doing. Consequently, she became so happy after learning that her husband has passed away that even she died of â€Å"heart disease-of joy that kills† according to the doctors. This was the case for many women during this period. According to a website about Chopin’s works and biography, this story was originally published as â€Å"The Dream of an Hour† in 1894. The reason why the word ‘dream’ was changed to ‘story’ might be because this kind of story could only happen to a few people in the late 19th century. However since liberty for women started to increase, this once called ‘dream’ turned into ‘reality’ and thus, into a story. One other interpretation of the role of the husband in the short story is that Mr. Mallard can be seen as society itself and society’s expectations. His wife, Mrs. Mallard, represents individuals who have been so oppressed by society that this oppression later on comes to be a disease that is carried for the rest of their lives. Comparing these characters with a society and the people living in it, these individuals are not able to live alone when they want to break out of society (shown through the death of Mrs. Mallard). Humans are beings that cannot survive alone; and thus, we need a group of people, a society. Nevertheless, we always have something to complain about in the society we live in. Chopin lived in an age where women and men had clear roles in society. Men were the ones who worked and financially supported the family; middle class women supported the family by staying at the house, taking care of the kids, doing the laundry, etc. Women in the 19th century could not even dream about studying for a high degree or even having a job outside the house. It was a male-based society and because of this, the boom of feminist people began to rise. Chopin thus successfully expressed women’s feelings through her literary work, â€Å"The Story of an hour†. Bibliography Koloski, Bernard. Kate Chopin The Story of an Hour: When The Story of an Hour was written and published. KateChopin. org. Kate Chopin International Society, 1 Oct. 2011. katechopin. org/the-story-of-an-hour. shtml#characters. 14 Oct. 2011.

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Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Culpa By Maeve Maddox The Latin expression mea culpa is used as an interjection and as a noun. mea culpa interjection: an exclamation acknowledging one’s guilt or responsibility for an error. For example: MOTHER: The garbage is overflowing! SON: Mea culpa! I’ll take it out right now. As a noun, a mea culpa is the acknowledgement of ones guilt or responsibility for an error and is often used as a synonym for apology. Here are examples of this use: Just before Guillen began his 45-minute mea culpathe Marlins announced he had been suspended for five  games. Anthony Weiners emotional mea culpa: Will it be enough? Does McCain owe mea culpa to POWs MIAs? Hydro owes us a mea culpa. An apology is â€Å"an acknowledgement of an offense with expression of regret for it, by way of reparation.† Mea culpa as a synonym for apology derives from its use in a Latin prayer called â€Å"The Confiteor.† The Latin word confiteor means, â€Å"I confess† or â€Å"I acknowledge.† In praying, the supplicant repeats the phrase mea culpa, â€Å"through my own fault,† numerous times during the recitation of the prayer. An error with mea culpa occurs when a writer doesn’t understand its English meaning. Here are examples of misuse: Annie gritted her teeth and lifted her hands briefly from the wheel in  a mea culpa apology  to the indignant driver of the cleaners van.- Novel published by Random House. Rather than from John Paul Culotta, The Progressive, a mea culpa apology is due from the cretins who faithfully followed our torturer in chief to financial and human disaster.- News item, The Wave (Rockaway, New York). Alpha Chi Omega President Megan Koelln issued a mea culpa apology.- LA Weekly. In each example, the word apology is redundant. The only reason to follow mea culpa with the word apology would be in the context of talking about different kinds of apology. Note: More often than not, the statement being described in the news as a mea culpa is not an apology at all, but an excuse. excuse noun [eks-KYUS] : anything that justifies or extenuates a fault or defect. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Expressions category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:How to Format a US Business LetterLatin Words and Expressions: All You Need to Know5 Examples of Misplaced Modifiers

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7 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

7 - Coursework Example Why third factor is the one that coke is targeting is because it has already served the first two factors. It fulfils the physiological factor because it is a drink which people can have to quench their thirst. It also fulfils the safety aspect indicating that the customers have trust in the product, believe that it is of best quality and safe for their health. Open happiness. This is one of the latest additions of the coke bubbles campaign which urges customer cognition to relate coke to happiness. Happiness is when you share, be with friends and family and intimacy. (Below) Thanks for the pause that refreshes. This ad gives people a sense of belonging. They love Santa, kids adore him and people like him. He is a symbol of a festive season where families come together and enjoy. This indicates love and be loved which reinforces the third need in Maslow’s theory.(right) This caters to the Esteem need of its consumers. Everyone has the need for respect and self esteem. Its people and portfolio vision connects with the stakeholders as one that gives a sense of contribution, belonging and self

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How the European Economy Works and How This Integration Can Be Affecte Coursework - 1

How the European Economy Works and How This Integration Can Be Affected by the Recession - Coursework Example The European Union is undoubtedly one of the most flourishing business regions in the world with rich countries such as France, Germany, Italy, and Great Britain. The efforts to build the integration in 25 years have paid off with a formidable team such as the European Union.   However, due to increasing global linkages, such as through bilateral and multilateral agreements, it became inevitable that the region is dragged by the recession in other countries such as what happened in the USA. The financial crisis that happened in the United States has affected a lot of its close partners such as Mexico. The European Union is one of those regions with a partnership with the US. Aside from this, the region’s economy has also some of its weaknesses. This, together with the global financial crisis that started from the US has become a threat to the region.In this paper, there is an attempt to analyze the effect of the global recession on the European Union and its member countries . First, we conduct a short study on what the integration has achieved so far in 25 years, then we look at the current figures to see the effect of the recession and lastly we analyze what this means for the future of the European Union, with a particular focus on the European business environment.Efforts to foster unity and integration between and among the European countries began in 1949, after the Second World War, when West Europe created the Council in Europe, although at this time the continent is still split between East and West   (European Commission).  Ã‚   The integration began with six European nations: Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg when the Coal and Steel Treaty was signed, then expanding to nine in 1973 with the addition of Denmark, United Kingdom and Ireland   (European Commission). It took around 20 years before the expansion took place. Prior to the expansion, plans of having a single currency among the EU states was already coined,   but was only formally introduced in 2002, distributing them in 12 member countries   (European Commission). Currently, the member states of the EU number to up to around 27, with the addition of some countries like Spain, Finland and Greece.

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Balance Sheet Analysis Applebees International 2004 Essay -- Finance F

Balance Sheet Analysis Applebee’s International 2004   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In analyzing the common-size balance sheet for Applebee’s, it is noted that the total current assets has jumped from 11% to 14% of the total assets. The total assets for Applebee’s has jumped 6% from 2000 to 2001 driven by increased in the total current assets of 28%. Of those 28% increase, they consisted of 88% increase in the Cash & Equivalents (increased of $10.6 millions) caused by the decreased in the Capital Stock repurchasing in 2001 by Applebee’s. The repurchase of capital stock has decreased by 31% as noted from the year-to-year percentage changes of the Statement of Cash Flow which equivalent to about $11 million dollars. The other current assets increased was from the other Current Assets category; there was an increase of 92% from 2000 to 2001. Due to the higher earnings for Applebee’s, there was an increase in income tax due. A significant component of the increase of other Current Assets was from increased in prepaid incom e taxes with net deferred income tax asset of $6.7 millions dollars.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The intangibiles has also decreased from 18% to 16% in common-size balance sheet for Applebee’s from 2000 to 2001. This is equivalent to a decrease of 7% from year to year percentage change. This change was driven by amortization of intangible assets related to previous acquisitions of other franchisee restaurants by Applebee’s.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There was a trend in rise of the net property & equipment related assets since 2002 to 2004. This boost in net property and equipment assets was related to the acquisition strategy conducted by Applebee’s. For the $34 millions acquisitions of 21 restaurants in Washington D.C. area on November 7, 2002; $24 millions has been allocated to the fair value of property and equipment plus $10 millions in goodwill. This has caused a jump in net property & equipment assets for 2002 to jumped 16% and Intangibles assets to jumped 12% when compared to 2001. Since most of the purchased are by cash, this has caused a 31% decreased in the Cash & Equivalents for Applebee’s balance sheet. For the 11 Applebee’s restaurants acquisitions in Illinois, Indianan, Kentucky, and Missouri for $21.8 million on March 24, 2003, $7.9 millions were allocated to the fair value of property and equipment, the other $16.6 millions went to goodwill, plus a net liabilities in addi tions of $1.3... ...ense has decreased 82.8% from 2000 to 2004. All the above are contributing factors in Applebee’s achieving higher earnings, a 75% increase in net earnings from 2000 to 2004. Average shares has fall due to consistent share repurchasing programs by Applebee’s. Overall, the common-size analysis of the income statement are relatively consistent over the five years of study. Cost of goods has stayed consistent between 74%-75%, the Depreciation and amortization is between 9%-11%, income from Continue operations and Net Income are also both between 9%-10% in common-size analysis for income Statement. No unusual flutuations has been discovered. As of December 26, 2004, our liquid assets totaled $10,924,000. These assets consisted of cash and cash equivalents in the amount of $10,642,000 and short-term investments in the amount of $282,000. The working capital deficit increased slightly from $50,359,000 as of December 28, 2003 to $51,041,000 as of December 26, 2004. This increase was due primarily to increases in the loss reserve and unearned premiums related to the captive insurance subsidiary and accounts payable and was partially offset by increases in inventories and receivables.

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Shortage of Water in Pakistan

Shortage of water in Pakistan As we all know, Pakistan is facing severe shortage of water. There are two main reasons, one due to persistent droughts—which is beyond the control of a man, and the other due to miss-management of water resources. Impact on economy / society * Less water means less agricultural yields, meaning they cannot fulfill the food requirements of the nation, so they need to be dependent on other countries. Due to less production of main crops, which are wheat, cotton, sugar cane and rice, the Industries related to them will suffer adversely * Less agricultural outputs will compel people to head towards urban areas for jobs, which will increase the unemployment further. Water Issue between Pakistan & India * Concern is growing in Pakistan that India is controlling the water flow of rivers that flow from India into Pakistan.Pakistan has raised objections to Indian water projects, but a World Bank-appointed neutral expert rejected most of the Pakistani o bjections. * Pakistani commentators, think that India is controlling the river waters to strangulate Pakistani agriculture, which could affect Pakistani exports and increase its dependency on food imports. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CRISIS ? * A result of natural factors * Poor water resources management * Increased pollution of surface & ground water * Population explosion * Over exploitation of ground waterHow can they solve this problem? Creating awareness on†¦ * water resources and its conservation & management * A forestation activities * Rain water harvesting * Environmental information & education * Prevention & control of water pollution * Recycle of waste water * Use of modern irrigation techniques * Authorities should take appropriate steps to curb the illegal extraction of water and ensure its equitable distribution. * government should make laws on water conservation, like many western countries.IMPORTANCE OF DAMS FOR PAKISTAN * Irrigation. * Electri cal Energy. * Water Supply for everyone. * Flood Control. Conclusion The problems faced by the water sector in Pakistan are many, acute and serious. Therefore, building more reservoirs/dams and having an effective management strategy are the needs of time. Also implementation of the solutions I gave you will enable the country to meet the challenges ahead, and achieve the objectives to become a nation with no water shortage.

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Essay about Hipaa Impact the Delivery of Human Services

HIPAA: Impact the Delivery of Human Services July 12, 2008 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed on 21st August 1996 by the U.S President Bill Clinton. Most healthcare insurance companies and providers are to remain to the HIPAA regulation guidelines by October 2002 and October 2003 for smaller health plans. If you are in the healthcare industry, you have probably heard some rumblings about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, calmly referred to as HIPAA. The word is your medical practice will have to be HIPAA compliant by April 2003, but you are not exactly sure what this act mandates or how to accomplish it. In very basic terms, HIPAA has two primary components†¦show more content†¦The purpose or rationale of HIPAA law is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health insurance system and to protect privacy of the patients. Continuity of healthcare coverage is ensured by this law, which allows individuals to qualify immediately for comparable hea lth insurance coverage at the time of changing the employment relationships. By replacing several non-standard formats that are currently used in the country (U.S) by means of a single set of electronic standards (used throughout the healthcare industry), HIPAA reduces the cost and administrative burdens of health care. The law improves the profitability and continuity of health insurance coverage. HIPAA prohibits discrimination against employees on the basis of their health status (What is HIPAA? 2008). Key privacy provisions establish that patients must be able to access their records and correct errors, in addition to being informed of how their personal information will be used. Patient information can only be shared to treat the patient and cannot be used for marketing purposes without their explicit consent. Patients can ask their health insurers and providers to take reasonable steps to ensure that their communications with the patient are confidential, and file formal privac y-related complaints to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for CivilShow MoreRelatedThe Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act1609 Words   |  7 Pagesbelieved as a secure room. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act also known as HIPAA, was passed on August 21, 1996. Although the law was passed in 1996 it did not become effective until April 14, 2003. This was due to the fact that â€Å"Given that Congress did not act to produce these within the timeframe specified by the law the secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services was empowered to do so.†7 The original plan was to get the healthcare industry to start using computersRead MoreExamples Of Policy Position Paper1571 Words   |  7 Pagesconveyance of medical care services. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) alongside the security law have affected preventive care services and how it is conveyed. HIPAA was intended to guarantee that the suitable systems were actualized to protect patients data while getting care. The benchmarks for the security of a persons ensured medical data is secured under the HIPAA Act. The (OCR) is in charge of executing and upholding the HIPAA protection direction. SinceRead MoreHIPAA: Privacy and Security Rules The Computer, the Nurse and You1436 Words   |  6 PagesHIPAA: Privacy and Security Rules The Computer, the Nurse and You Introduction How would you like to keep track of your personal health information record in your computer at home? The electronic data exchange was one of the goals of the government to improve the delivery and competence of the U.S. healthcare system. To achieve this plan, the U.S. Congress passed a regulation that will direct its implementation. The Department of Health and Human Services is the branch of the government thatRead MoreHealth Information Privacy Rule : Ensuring Process For Data Loss1361 Words   |  6 PagesTechnology has become an integral part of health care delivery (Shi Singh, 2012). How come? The idea is that IT can improve access to clinical information and can support clinical decision making (Hoyt, 2012); also, it is perceived that any data that can be used to understand and influence health outcomes should be collected and is considered relevant (Burke, 2013). However, like all great things, the integration of IT to health care delivery has presented many challenges; in fact, the IOM reportRead MoreHealth Law and Regulations1354 Words   |  6 Pagesrole in the healthcare industry and healthcare insurance coverage. Through various regulatory bodies, the Department of Health and Human Services protects the public from a number of health risks while providing programs for public health and welfare. Agencies like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) andRead MoreSocial Media Can Benefit Healthcare Delivery And Management1524 Words   |  7 PagesWith the advancement of modern technology, social media is increasingly finding use in healthcare delivery and management. Health professionals including doctors, nurses and therapists have adopted social media to communicate with their patients and for health sensitization. Social media can benefit healthcare deliver y in a variety of ways including fostering professional connections, patient and community education and promoting communication with patients and families. On the other hand, use ofRead MoreA Short Note On International Classification Of Diseases Essay1009 Words   |  5 PagesICD-9-CM code set no longer fits with the needs of the 21st-century health care system. Consequently, reliance on outdated and imprecise ICD-9-CM information adversely impacts the value of healthcare data collection. Currently, ICD-9-CM code sets do not meet the necessary requirements to track, identify, and analyze new clinical services and treatments available for patients. In the ICD-10-CM system, medical conditions are grouped together, and the categories are alphanumeric; there are moreRead MoreElectronic Medical Record ( Emr )1685 Words   |  7 PagesIt is the hassle factor and the often prohibitive cost of hiring staff to enter the data and to comply with new rules and regulations(Reece, 2011). Facilities would have to hire IT people if the system goes down.If this system goes down that would impact the whole office. Electronic medical records will cost large amounts of money to buy and maintain. Second is the disruption of the doctor-patient relationship. You cannot read a computers body language or look it in the eye. You cannot empathizeRead MoreAnalyzing The Past, Present And Future Of The Congressional Attempt At The Health Care Reform1704 Words   |  7 Pagesaccountability for the privacy and security of health information shared between patients and medical professionals to meet the needs of 1996. Later passed as the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act, also known as HIPPA. Throughout the years The HIPAA Law we know and vigorously rely on today, some of us without knowledge of the law at all. Without these steps taken over the last 15 years, leading up to the current status of regulations, Americans could have jeopardized a lot of personal informationRead MoreThe Effects Of Health Care On Healthcare1497 Words   |  6 Pagestechnology, advances in medicine and health care economics are contributing factors to its rapid progression. We also need to rem ember that health care has become a booming business and patients have shifted into consumers changing the health care delivery models in a variety of ways for the future. Past There are a lot of ways that health care has changed in so many ways that have shaped and also contributed to its change. In the past, outside of health care society was dealing with